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About John Rosatti

John Rosatti, the family man, entrepreneur, and titan of the business world, is the personification of the American Dream.

Born in 1944 to Edward John and Angeline Rosatti, and raised in Brooklyn, the young John Rosatti was brought up with his Italian family’s belief in working as hard as you’re able to earn your living. Entering the workforce at the age of 13 part-time to help his family, John acquired his initial mechanical skills by helping his father work on boats, eventually using that same expertise to venture into the automobile industry in the years to come. In the early 60’s, Rosatti worked with various car-related companies, making connections and working hard on tasks including demolition and moving cars across long distances. It was with this experience, that he felt confident in opening up a body shop in 1968, which he would keep in business    Continue Reading…


His Ventures

The Office Delray
Plaza Auto Mall Remember When
Vic And Angelos Burger Fi

In 1975, John Rosatti opened the doors of Brooklyn's Plaza Auto Mall in New York. Thanks to its unprecedented success, John Rosatti expanded his dealership holdings far outside of the New York market, including Nevada, New Jersey and Florida. This influential dealership now encompasses 5 leading automotive brands.

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John Rosatti is credited with creating the fastest-growing all-natural burger franchise in the country. BurgerFi serves up all-natural burgers, fresh-cut fries, specialty items, and a host of gourmet toppings. The restaurant franchise is now poised to open 150 stores nationwide, with more new franchise deals being signed every month.

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With a love for authentic Italian food, John Rosatti opened the critically-acclaimed restaurant Vic & Angelo’s. With two prime locations in Florida, Palm Beach Gardens and Delray Beach, this restaurant transforms the American approach to fine, Italian dining into a memorable experience that pays homage to the culinary traditions of Italy.

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Continuing his success in the restaurant world, John Rosatti opened The Office Delray in 2009. The Office experience is unique among other gastropubs because it provides customers with the familiar intimate feeling of a locally owned mom-and-pop restaurant combined with a modern, spacious setting, making it a comfortable and relaxing dining opportunity.

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After taking extensive private aviation lessons in the early 80s, John Rosatti continued his passion for aviation with the purchase of private jets, including a Leer 35, Challenger 600 and Gulfstream 4, a plane he named N1JR. Today, the N1JR name has been appropriately transferred to John Rosatti's new Gulfstream G400, a private jet that has no equal in performance or luxury in its class.

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John Rosatti is the proud owner of Remember When, a 162-foot Christensen Shipyards' megayacht. This luxury vessel, the last of a series of 15 boats he built, features cutting edge design and state-of-the-art technologies. John spends much of his time aboard Remember When, where he manages his multiple business ventures and travels the world.

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In The Press

Multiple superyacht owner John Rosatti

When it comes to owning boats, John Rosatti is a real veteran. recently spoke to him about the various superyachts he has owned and counted no less than 15 yachts (including two under construction), ranging from the 35ft Cigarette Executioner to the 180ft yacht he intends to build at the new facility of Christensen Shipyards. Alongside these large yachts, Rosatti also owned various smaller boats, like Fountains and Marlagos.

Christensen Motor Yacht Remember When Christened by John Rosatti

The Christening of the motor yacht Remember When, sponsored by Christensen Shipyards began with a short ceremony on Thursday where Wayne Huizenga Jr. blessed the yacht with a story followed by a prayer. Johns children Angela, Crystal and Adam, then splashed the bow deck with Champagne. Concluding this memorable occasion was a spectacular display of Fireworks.

Christensen launches John Rosatti’s megayacht Remember When

Last week the Christensen Shipyard in Vancouver, WA launched the 162ft megayacht Remember When. She is built for well known yachtsman John Rosatti, who currently also owns the 157ft Christensen Nice N Easy.

Interview with Serial Entrepreneur John Rosatti & A Tour of His Mega Yacht, Remember When

If you have ever passed through Rowes Wharf, you will usually see a breath-taking yacht, named the Iroquois, docked right beyond the Boston Harbor Hotel and Foster’s Rotunda.  The owner of Iroquois, John Henry, who also owns the Boston Red Sox, has kept the 164-foot yacht there for several months and usually is portrayed as the star of the harbor.

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Giving Back To The Community

Despite the time and energy it takes to run multiple nationwide businesses, John Rosatti also manages to be actively involved in charitable causes- giving back to the organizations close to his heart.  Three such organizations include The American Heart Association, the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, and the G&P Foundation for Cancer Research.

In addition, education is extremely important to John, and in 2002, he pledged $1,000,000 to fund the Rosatti Library and Media Center to The Benjamin School.

Just recently, BurgerFi partnered with Change Matters Inc., and dedicated a vegetable garden to Dwight D. Eisenhower School in Palm Beach Gardens. BurgerFi, along with Change Matters Inc., spent the afternoon teaching children the importance of nutritional eating and sustainable gardening. With a restaurant philosophy of “all-natural tastes better,” and an unwavering commitment to serve its communities with the best environmentally sustainable practices, the garden project was an ideal fit for Rosatti’s BurgerFi.

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